The Santo Family // Featuring the Gorgeous Lucy

I was so thrilled when Jessica asked if we could do a photo swap for Christmas card pictures. I love her work, and have always looked up to her as she's grown her business. Check out her website --->

I was also excited because, though our husband's are cousins, I had never met her beautiful daughter, Lucy. 

The day we chose just happened to bring sleet and frigid temperatures. So, our babies were very excited to be out in the alleys of Falls City taking pictures for mom. But, since we are good moms, we took these photos in no more than five minutes and I think the results were still magical. Rosy cheeks and all. 

With deep gratitude, Jessica, here is your beautiful family.

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Grandma Tikie

I married into a wonderful family and you can easily see where all the good comes from when you meet Tikie. I remember the first time I met her (before prom!)  I was intrigued by her beauty and her sharp personality. Now, after some years I continue to be intrigued by her history and inspired by her present strength. 

Grandma Tikie wanted some pictures of her house taken to show her friend who lives in North Dakota. They talk every day. I was honored to capture not only her home, but also some of her history and who she is. 

With all my love to a wonderful mother, grandmother and great grandmother, here is what I see. 

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