Get to know the Wojtaseks

I've known John and Caitlin for quite some time. Caitlin is a missionary with FOCUS just like Josh and I, and John owns his own videography business ( it out!). This fall I was humbled and so honored to attempt to create images that would help them make the most special of introductions. They are hoping to adopt!

We spent time in some of their favorite places and I wanted to capture not only their mellow, joyful relationship, but also John's humble, wise and loving personality and Caitlin's warm, jovial, love for John, art and serving others. I wanted to SHOW the world who they are, and how their life together is already filled with love. It was quite possibly my favorite mission I've ever taken on as a photographer. 

So, meet John and Caitlin as they hope for a child they already love so much.