Welcoming Stella Marnee

August 21, 2017 was a notable day for so many reasons. It was the day of the much anticipated solar eclipse. It was Giorgio's first day of school. Most importantly, this special day was when our family welcomed our first daughter, Giorgio, Lou and Walt's first sister. She arrived early in the morning, and Giorgio awoke to find that mom and dad were gone. In fact, right about the time he woke up was when Stella made her entrance at 6:05 am. For Giorgio, he couldn't have had a better day. The two things he had prayed for, and actually fasted for, were coming to be on the same day! First day of school, and his beloved sister had arrived for it! 

I remember wondering if I would be disappointed to miss the eclipse. I knew I would only witness it through our window in our recovery room. However, at the moments when the sun and moon were lining up, my children were meeting their sister for the first time. The room was slightly darkened and it seemed to reflect the reverence of the moment.  I'll always remember that.

We named our daughter after our good friend, a friend who very much impacted my life and brought me to where I am today. Sister Mary Star of Evangelization, formerly Marnee, became a best friend of mine in college, when her absolute joy and love for Jesus challenged my pride and forced me to consider what I was living life for. She inspired me to love deeply and give fully to Jesus, to Josh, to my friends, and eventually to my children. Sister was able to meet Stella a few weeks ago, and it made me anxious for her to get to know her namesake and learn from her overflowing joy in Christ. 

We love you Stel, and are so grateful that your ours.