Walt // At Home

The third child is bound to have a less documented life. Most of the pictures I take are of Giorgio and Lou since I usually feel the freedom to pull out my camera when Walt is napping, and there's less risk that my camera will be destroyed. Still a risk, but less of one. :) 

Though he might suffer from a less photographed life, he is a pretty lucky kid. He learns so much from watching his brothers explore around our house and show him all the magical things they have discovered. 

At one and a half years, Walt has become the bear of our family. He's a teddy and a grizzly. He'll whack Lou on the head, and then turn around and hug him adding in a hammy "awwww" for effect. My eyes roll and my heart melts simultaneously. 

Here are some recent images I found of Walt on a summer evening in our bungalow in Boulder.