Keenan + Bri // Waiting on Babe

When you live far away from family, it's crucial that you build one where you are planted. These two have become a crucial part of our beloved Boulder family. They've watched our children while we joyfully welcomed Walt into the world, and they've stepped in when Josh travels, or when our family has experienced tragedy. Then there's all the enjoying life in between. 

We watched Keenan create Bri's engagement ring in the shop behind our house, and we even got to witness their proposal. So, it is with sincere and overwhelming joy that Josh and I watch them welcome a child into their lives. To put it simply: WE. CANNOT. WAIT. 

I've been dying to take pictures of them at their home on the outskirts of Boulder. It's a converted train car located on Jacob Springs Farm where the owners have cows, chickens, tiny homes, you name it. I can't think of a cooler place to call your first home. 

So, baby Fitz gave us this occasion for photos, and I'm glad I was able to capture Bri in this stunning state, and Keenan's admiration for her. 

Here's to you two, as you become you three.