LaVeta // My Grandma

This was a personal project. I was privileged to capture my grandma, her home and some of her treasures. I've was blessed to grow up with her near and we frequently spent time at her home. It has housed so many celebrations. Birthdays, Christmases and Thanksgivings that were the best kind of crowded, and every little gathering in between. 

Her home is speckled with memories from all the time her family has lived there, along with tokens from a time before their ancestors crossed the ocean. 

Of course her home is also a museum of time spent with my Grandpa, and my memories are often unburied by the sight of his record player, his den that still smells of him, and the gas lamp outside their home that I remember raking around under his direction. 

I am grateful for my time spent with my grandparents, and always look forward to the next time I can give my Grandma a kiss and a hug. And I will always blow an excessive amount of kisses to my Grandma who stands in the window as we drive away. You can be sure I'm already teaching my boys to do the same. 

Here's to you Grandma, in gratitude for all your motherhood has brought about, and the magic your grand-motherhood has brought to my life.