The Leaf Thief and Our First Snow Dusting

I am not a supporter of winter. I do love Christmas and hot drinks, and skiing. Oh and chunky sweaters. But, when I'm not enjoying one of those things, I'd rather it just stay autumn. With it's beautiful hues and crisp air, fall is the superior season. 

Giorgio seemed to agree with me when we came home from running errands and discovered our Fall Wonderland had been raked into plastic bags. (Thank you, whoever raked for me!!) He insisted I call the police to find who had stolen our leaves.  When I explained to him that snow was coming so they needed to be removed, he went into a rare melancholic mood and dwelt on how much he dreaded winter. 

Until the next morning. 


My children pulled me outside and reminded me that winter's not so bad. 

(Until a few days later when Giorgio came down with a cold. Curse you, cold winter air. But, I did get some dreamy pictures of my sick kid sleeping. Look who can make lemonade.)


The troublesome bag of leaves. 

And, the repercussions. :)

And while mom is taking care of bigger brother, Lou made himself a snack.