Giorgio Stanislaus

This family feels like an extension of our own and I'm so grateful to have them in our lives here. We've been anxiously awaiting Giorgio, and it will be so fun to see what he will be like with all his sisters around. 

Giorgio's older sister, Lia, broke her leg a few days before he arrived, so she joined us during this shoot, pink cast and all, because frankly, she couldn't stay away from her brother who is "so cute." One day Kelly and Dom will look back at how exciting life was-- and just how beautiful it was too. 

Welcome to the world, Giorgio!

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Meet Caroline // Finding Summer in the Winter

I was gifted the opportunity to meet Caroline and create some images for her last week. She will be featured in a magazine this summer, so we had the unique challenge of creating a summer gallery during the coldest days of winter. So, we ventured into the warmest, natural place we could think of, and it was so much fun! Not to mention, I was obliged to bring home a few plant babies of my own. Not a bad price to pay! 


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The Santo Family

I have the joy of being an aunt to three pretty spectacular kiddos, and I love my brother and sister-in-law quite a bit too. :) I always have so much fun capturing their family as they grow, and Whitney and I always laugh at how more kids have actually resulted in easier shoots. Although, I still get to enjoy a kid's song solo from Whitney during most sessions. :)

Here is an extension of my family, who we love so much. 

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Get to know the Wojtaseks

I've known John and Caitlin for quite some time. Caitlin is a missionary with FOCUS just like Josh and I, and John owns his own videography business ( it out!). This fall I was humbled and so honored to attempt to create images that would help them make the most special of introductions. They are hoping to adopt! We spent time in some of their favorite places and I wanted to capture not only their mellow, joyful relationship, but also John's humble, wise and loving personality and Caitlin's warm, jovial, love for John, art and serving others. I wanted to SHOW the world who they are, and how their life together is already filled with love. It was quite possibly my favorite mission I've ever taken on as a photographer. 

So, meet John and Caitlin as they hope for a child they already love so much. 

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Joseph Stephan James // Newborn

I first met Joseph's dad in college. Upon meeting him, I felt like I had known him forever. He instantly became someone I loved spending time with, and looked up to. He is known by my boys as "fun Sean at the office" and they love seeing him as much as I do. It's been great getting to know his wife, Emily, since we've moved closer to them. She is down to earth, beautiful, and kind, and is already an incredible, loving and dedicated mother. 

You hit the jackpot on parents, kiddo. :)

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Welcoming Stella Marnee

August 21, 2017 was a notable day for so many reasons. It was the day of the much anticipated solar eclipse. It was Giorgio's first day of school. Most importantly, this special day was when our family welcomed our first daughter, Giorgio, Lou and Walt's first sister. She arrived early in the morning, and Giorgio awoke to find that mom and dad were gone. In fact, right about the time he woke up was when Stella made her entrance at 6:05 am. For Giorgio, he couldn't have had a better day. The two things he had prayed for, and actually fasted for, were coming to be on the same day! First day of school, and his beloved sister had arrived for it! 

I remember wondering if I would be disappointed to miss the eclipse. I knew I would only witness it through our window in our recovery room. However, at the moments when the sun and moon were lining up, my children were meeting their sister for the first time. The room was slightly darkened and it seemed to reflect the reverence of the moment.  I'll always remember that.

We named our daughter after our good friend, a friend who very much impacted my life and brought me to where I am today. Sister Mary Star of Evangelization, formerly Marnee, became a best friend of mine in college, when her absolute joy and love for Jesus challenged my pride and forced me to consider what I was living life for. She inspired me to love deeply and give fully to Jesus, to Josh, to my friends, and eventually to my children. Sister was able to meet Stella a few weeks ago, and it made me anxious for her to get to know her namesake and learn from her overflowing joy in Christ. 

We love you Stel, and are so grateful that your ours.

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My Fourth of July Cousin

My cousin Calleen always had THE BEST birthday party because it was combined with celebrating Independence Day. There were fireworks, great food, and tons of people. Most importantly, there were parachute fireworks! Her party set a standard for the holiday that I've never quite seen matched since. Therefore, it was extremely fitting that she show up with flags and watermelon for her shoot. It took me way back, and was just so RIGHT. 

Her children are so beautiful and I've never met a little guy so willing to smile for me. Their family is continuing to grow into something magnificent. 

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