In high school I created a dark room in the basement bathroom. Now, I do most my work on a neat, compact computer. This is much more convenient since my house is now a home to my husband, three lively boys and two daughters in Littleton, CO. 

I wish everyone could meet my husband. He's a fearless leader and quite funny. He's the extrovert to my introvert. I'm blessed to have found someone who is unafraid to make our lives an adventure. 

Our other little lionhearts are George, Lou and Walt and Stella and Poppy. They have changed us, and taught us, and given us so much joy. Georgie is my dutiful sidekick who has always astounded me with his understanding of things and what's most important in life. Lou, well, he's the gentle one. He's the cuddler his parents so desperately wanted and is now becoming quite the goof.  And, Walt, he's happy. Always so happy. Then, one day we were shocked to find out we were having a girl. She's beautiful and confident and has stolen all of our hearts. Perpetua, who we affectionately call Poppy just arrived, and we can't wait to get to know her as she grows into a smiley little sister.

I named my business "Lionhearted Photography" after my desire to raise my children to be humans filled with strength and courage to be beacons of goodness, truth and beauty. I want them to be lionhearted. 

I would love to help you marvel at the beauty in your everyday life. 

Love, Beth